About SSD purchase

Update Time:2016-04-15

1,If the PC is too old,maybe not suitable for the latest SSD,such as still use DDR2 or DDR1 RAM;
2,Any computer parts have compatibility issues;
3,The buyers need to have DIY ability,such as install operating system;
4,Because of the complexity of the PC parts,there are many objective reasons except problem of product itself,so we do not accept any only refund;
5,After receiving the parcel in 7 days,we can accept to return back and refund without any reason;More than 7 days,we supply warranty to repair or a replacement;
6,When you receive the parcel,in order to protect your interests,please be sure to shoot video when opening the parcel,so if the item is lost or the packaging appearance is damaged,the buyer can provide the evidence on time.If can't provide the opening parcel video,we will not undertake any responsibility for it;
7,About the outer packing,we guarantee the products are 100% original,but manufacturer have right to amend it,so appearance and packaging design may change without prior notice,at the same time we also will not undertake any responsibility;

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