KingFast SSD(solid state drive)Limited Warranty

Update Time:2017-11-20

                                                 KingFast SSD(solid state drive) Limited Warranty

This Warranty does not cover damage caused by unnatural or extraneous factors and the information contained herein is not responsible for the data contained in the stored product and shall not be used in the event of any of the following conditions: Product Warranty Terms:

(1) due to natural disasters, man-made improper operation of the factors such as failure of the product itself;

(2) the product is not authorized by the company's technical staff repair or disassembly;

(3) When the warranty label or tampering label is changed, damaged or missing; (SSD shell part or screw hole part without warranty fragile stickers)

(4) the product serial number does not match or serial number damage, not clear;

(5) Products purchased through a non-payment-authorized distribution channel;

(6) due to improper use of the environment, resulting in corrosion products, hair rust, and other phenomena;

(7) Failure to use, maintain or keep in accordance with the requirements of the product specification regulations;

(8) damage due to bad transportation and other force majeure;

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