How to calculate the daily write of a hard disk (DWPD)

Update Time:2017-12-21
How to calculate the daily write of a hard disk (DWPD)
Hard disk write every day (DWPD) calculation so that we can use TBW disk according to the specification, used to specify the TBW JEDEC [1] work load calculation, during the warranty period (or different years period) the number of users every day can be written to the hard disk storage capacity.

Hard disk writes every day =
TBW (TB) * 1000 of solid state hard disk

365 days * years * solid-state disk user capacity (GB)

The warranty period is 5 years 1.8TB DC400 SSD, is calculated as

Hard disk writes every day =
1432TB * 1000

365 days * 5 * 1800GB

= 0.43 or 43% per day user capacity (that is, 774GB)

Reference resources
JESD219: solid state hard disk (SSD) durability work load, JEDEC Committee . These client and enterprise workload represent a standard. The industry uses this standard to grade their SSDs and get their rated TBW supported by SSDs. Note: your workload can be different. Because the unique WAF you use, over time, the rated TBW specification may be higher or lower than your workload.

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