SSD will replace HDD in the future
Issue Time:2016-04-11
With the rapid development of technology, CPU performance decades to upgrade hundreds of times, and HDD (traditional mechanical hard disk) due to limitations of the physical structure, the performance only increase several times, which makes the processor and HDD between I / O bottlenecks have become increasingly prominent.SSD (solid state drive) is essentially the HDD is completely different from the mainstream SATAIII interface transfer rate up to 6Gbps, and is the transition to PCIe 3.0 x4 interface, transfer rate up to 4GB / s, can be alleviated between PC processor and storage I / O problems, coupled with low power consumption, shock resistance, high temperature, multi-form size, etc., will provide superior performance PC.SSD and HDD before because the price difference between the larger, low market penetration, but in the original Flash NAND Flash technology improvement driven, SSD prices have been at an average of 20% per year decline in the fall, and gradually reduce the difference between the HDD .2015 Flash Factory 128Gb TLC expand production, the second half of Toshiba Q300, Micron BX200, Netcom S400 etc. TLCSSD be released or marketed, in early 2016, Samsung, Toshiba has launched a new respectively 750 EVO series and SQ5 series TLC SSD, Intel also recently joined the ranks of TLC SSD, released a series of 540s TLC SSD.With TLC SSD poured into the market to stimulate further decline in SSD prices. China Network ChinaFlashMarket SSD flash memory market quotations display, SSD 120GB TLC prices have fallen to 27.5 dollars in the past six months fell 17%; 240GB TLC prices fell to 47 dollars in the past six months fell 15%.Source: China flash market network, unit: USDCompared with HDD prices, 120GB TLC SSD prices have been lower than the price of 500GB HDD, 240GB SSD and with the further decline in prices, has begun with the 500GB HDD prices were flat, encouraging market demand is gradually transferred from 120GB to 240GB, to further improve the SSD market penetration, China network ChinaFlashMarket flash memory market is expected in 2016 in the consumer SSD market penetration will reach 40% -50% of production capacity NAND Flash demand is increasing.
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