Managing the FTL for reliability,security recovery

Issue Time:2017-12-01

News in brief: at this year's FMS2017 flash memory summit from micron SSD Product Engineer Jon Tanguy do "Managing the 

FTL for reliability, security recovery" speech in the report clearly pointed out that the abnormal power failure is mainly caused by the solid state disk damage.

 For consumer SSDs, usually not equipped with enterprise products as a "complete", power-off protection means that it did not achieve the complete protection of the abnormal power failure occurs when stored in the SSD DRAM external cache or master SRAM cache data cache, FTL flash memory, Metadata metadata mapping table. 

Normal home SSD may not experience hundreds of times of abnormal power failure, but this is a randomness problem. Test interruption will fail 909 times. Maybe users will encounter it once.

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