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Issue Time:2017-12-02
Different from other DIY computer hardware products, the solid state hard disk products are different in the form of the product according to the different protocols. Our common solid state hard disk has three kinds of physical interface products, such as SATA interface, M.2 and msata interface.

SATA interface is the most common interface type. Almost all motherboards are able to support. It is the most mainstream and the most abundant solid state drive type. Most of solid manufacturers have production related products. The product of the SATA interface, which mainly executes the SATA standard, has a clear limitation on the speed of reading and writing.

The M.2 interface is an interface originally on the motherboard, which can be divided into the SATA standard and the PCIE standard, depending on the bus. Is this product, the product size slim, according to different length, can be divided into 2280 2230/2242/2260 and four kinds of products, but also far more than the SATA interface to read and write speed, is the future development direction of ssd.

In particular, the PCIe interface solid state hard disk based on NVMe protocol is generally recognized as the future development trend in the whole industry. As for the msata interface, it is essentially the SATA interface, only for the notebook and the super - pole, with a small scope of use.
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