Changing SSD to improve reading and writing speed

Issue Time:2017-12-05
In order to enhance the performance of the laptop, many players are accustomed to DIY's own PC, bringing a fast running experience. In particular, the game player, and the speed of improving the operation of large data. Therefore, you need to upgrade your configuration when your existing hardware configuration is not enough to run the game smoothly.
The purpose of the upgrade is to improve performance, so what is the performance of the notebook? The processor, the memory, the hard disk, or what else! I think this is not right, but not all right.
From the selection to the installation of the white user, the PC speed increase depends on it
If in the past the Pentium, Celeron time restrict performance may be computer processor, but now the performance bottleneck has turned to the hard disk and memory, which is a lot of users DIY a hard disk and memory can continue to play.
In other words, the reason for the slow speed of most notebooks is not that the CPU performance is too poor, it is not the memory capacity too little, but the hard disk speed is too slow! You know, a good performance processor needs to read and write data from hard disk, hard disk is too slow, and the processor doesn't have data to wait there. What's the use of it? Therefore, the top priority is to upgrade your hard disk.
From the selection to the installation of the white user, the PC speed increase depends on it
The difference in speed between SSD and HDD is obvious
SSD solid state hard drives have been remarkably improved for the use of notebooks, and we see a lot of newly - listed notebooks with almost SSD.  Of course, the old notebook can also be realized by manual upgrading. How to pick and install SSD has become a headache for many users. We will select the SSD attention and purchase skills to make a reference to the small white users.
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