A drive quick enough to reveal whatever other bottlenecks your computer may have

Issue Time:2017-12-07
I have the 480Gb version of this drive installed as boot drive in my 2009 Mac Pro, and it's a wonder that has added years to the practical life of that machine. This one went into a mid-2012 Mac Mini, which is an underpowered machine. I had imagined it might be transformed by the switch to SSD but unfortunately other bottlenecks continue to hold it back. Boot time, for example, dropped from 80 seconds with the old drive to 50 seconds with this one. That's almost a 40% savings in time, which is nice, but still kind of pokey.

The drive comes with an offer for data migration software but I already have a license for Carbon Copy Cloner, which is the gold standard for that sort of thing on the Mac. It also includes a 7.5mm to 9mm spacer, if you need one.
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