The difference between SSD and SATA

Issue Time:2017-12-09
SSD is fast in reading and writing, stable in performance, low in heat, low in power consumption and no noise. Because there is no mechanical part, the probability of failure for a long time is also smaller. The shortcoming is obvious, the price is high, the capacity is small, and it has no cost advantage in front of the ordinary hard disk. Currently, the mainstream SSD is rarely more than 100G
KingFast SSD 240GB is only $80;
By the way, SATA is just an interface, and most SSD uses the SATA interface. The SATS hard disk you're talking about should be an ordinary hard disk, just using the SATA interface.
The advantages and disadvantages of the ordinary SATA hard disk are actually good, and SSD is opposite. The capacity is large and the price is very cheap. Now the disk capacity is between 320G-1.5T, the price is about G0.7 yuan, it can be said that the burn price is cheaper than DVD. But the use of the ordinary hard disk will make noise and heat, and the use of electricity is larger. Long time will cause mechanical loss, and the probability of failure is much higher than that of SSD.
SATA's desktop hard disk 500GB 7200.12 hard disk now is about 50 dollars
In addition, SSD is mostly 2.5 inches, that is to say, it is suitable for use in notebooks, partial system and mobile hard disk. If ordinary desktop computer is used, it will be a little trouble.
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