SSD(solid state drive)Firmware algorithm

Issue Time:2017-12-10
SSD is the most important component of the SSD Firmware to ensure the performance of the controller for driving. The master will use the control algorithm in the SSD Firmware, to perform automatic signal processing, loss of balance, error correction code (ECC), bad block management, garbage collection algorithm, and the host device (such as computer communication, and Implementation) data encryption and other tasks. Because the firmware to redundant storage in NAND flash memory, so when the SSD manufacturer released an update when the need to manually update the firmware to improve and expand the function of SSD.
Because of the difference between the firmware on the main control using the same SSD may also exhibit performance and durability are completely different. The firmware is usually developed by the manufacturer, and is updated, can improve the SSD performance and solve some have known problem. If the number of words, the effect of particle a SSD on the performance of approximately 60%, while the effect of firmware and the host will be around 20%.
The development of high-quality firmware requires not only precision engineering technology, but also in the NAND memory, to achieve the perfect integration of controller and other SSD components. In addition, we must master the NAND characteristics, such as semiconductor technology and field controller features the most advanced technology. The better the quality of the whole firmware, SSD is more accurate and more efficient. Currently have independent research and development of SSD Firmware manufacturers are not many, only OCZ, SanDisk, Plextor, Intel, the British ruling, Samsung, KingFast and other manufacturers.
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