Autonomous 3D flash home SSD finally matured: so excellent

Issue Time:2017-12-15
After years of silence, the home-made memory will also break out.
According to Yesky reports, this month 12 days, and Chinese Lite on technology Unisplendour group jointly announced the establishment of the joint venture company storage project in Suzhou, the total contract amount of $100 million, which accounted for 55% of the 45% Lite purple.
Lite on LITEON, the most common everybody's name is LITE-ON, SSD channel construction and distribution is very good.
From the advantages of both sides, cooperation should be purple NAND FLASH flash memory chips, SSD Lite responsible for assembly and testing, OEM and retail etc.. However, the report points out that the market and customer management is responsible for the purple light group.
Unisplendour group executive vice president, global acting chairman of the board chairman and the Purple River storage storage Gao Qiquan said, with the Lite on cooperation, violet group will become the largest and reliable types of solid-state hard disk (SSD) product suppliers.
After the joint venture has completed the joint venture, it is expected that the fastest production time of the joint venture is the fourth quarter of 2018.
The data show that the 32 layer 3D NAND chip of the Yangtze River has been successfully tested by various indexes such as electrical characteristics to meet the expected requirements. It is expected to achieve mass production in 2018 and achieve full capacity in 2019.
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