Samsung and hex are rising in memory next year, but SSD hard drives are going to be cut down

Issue Time:2017-12-16
Continued memory chips a year and a half price for the DIY game player suffered, three times the memory price fluctuation, light is two memory installed cost will be more than a year ago, an increase of at least 800-1000 yuan, SSD hard drive prices doubled, the market in addition to the manufacturers, dealers earn, consumer is lost. 2017 is about to go to the past. Will there be any change in the price of memory and flash in 2018? At present, coming out of the news is good or bad, because even a single Q1 quarter of next year, DRAM memory will not lower prices, Samsung and Hynix two South Korean manufacturers insist that the price increases, Q1 quarter contract price rise at least 5%, but the SSD hard disk market may usher in a variable, because the production is expected to increase the price.
From dramexchange news that it had been hoped DRAM upstream manufacturers will cut prices in the Q1 quarter of next year, after all Q1 quarter is the traditional off-season, in a year of declining demand, the price adjustment is normal, but Samsung and Hynix has rejected the price possible, Samsung DRAM contract price will rise next year's grain 3-5%, SK Hynix (Hynix) also follow up the position that will rise by 5%, their reason is that DRAM particles are still in short supply.
If DRAM's memory prices continue to rise early next year, it will again break down the Q1 slack price record, and DRAM will be the 7 quarterly price rise. According to this trend, it is estimated that there will be no price reduction in the Q2 quarter of next year, then the price increase in memory will be over two years.
Samsung, is the world's first di Hynix, second DRAM memory chip suppliers, respectively occupy at least 45%, 29% share of U.S. manufacturers micron accounting for about 20% of the shares, the remaining 5% to Taiwan several vendors segmentation, but can affect the price trend basically is in front of three, especially South Korean manufacturers can occupy the leading position, they do not cut prices, basically no micron price possible, will almost certainly follow the price.
Half memory prices will not fall back, but SSD hard disk market may change Q1 quarter of next year, regardless of computer laptop or intelligent mobile phone, tablet and other market demand will decline about 15%, demand for the server market is relatively stable, but may also fell 0-5%. NAND demand is decreasing, but the NAND flash memory capacity of upstream manufacturers is increasing. In 2016, the yield of 3D NAND flash of 64 tier and higher stack level of large manufacturers has been stable, and the capacity is increasing by at least 5%.
NAND flash memory is going to be in short supply from demand to oversupply. It is expected that the price of NAND flash will decline in the Q1 quarter, and the price of SSD hard disk will also be reduced accordingly, which is a good thing for consumers.
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