Next year SSD Maixin Bureau, qunlian through-train mode against

Issue Time:2017-12-15
SSD market will enter a new competition in 2018, joint group (8299) said that the challenge of one-stop business model will be the only global, to provide customers with more choice, will be extended to the application of different products, in order to ensure the industrial advantage; in addition, qunlian today also announced in January 2018 9 to 12, the U.S. Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on a variety of SSD (SSD) products.

Qunlian said, the follow-up will be the only global one-stop business model will be able to cope with the industrial price fluctuation and the launch of the most competitive products in the product portfolio strategy, apart from the group from IP (Gui Zhicai), IC (controller), product (non brand multi module) collocation provide customer choice besides, customers also include the breadth of intelligent mobile phone, laptop, server, industrial and vehicle market in different applications, Ying flash industry product portfolio can therefore win group will be launched in the fast changing out of open and distance competitors.

Qunlian also said that the SSD market will enter a new competition in 2018, due to the mainland PCEVA media in August this year, SSD chip manufacturers to expose bad consumer deception of bad behavior, has caused a lot of bad products appear on the market to the local path, a serious blow to consumer confidence, but after 5 months of industry shock. But also improve the mainland consumers to buy SSD pay more attention to the quality of wafer consumer consciousness, therefore, the SSD terminal manufacturers are rapidly getting weak, most of which is the module processing factory may not continue to survive in this industry, however, the original NAND and SSD international brands also because of its quality assurance service competition the advantage of this industry, the new Bureau, is adapted to contact one-stop mode of operation, and help the group with international customers to expand the SSD market layout.

Qunlian is expected in 2018 CES SSD exhibited a variety of related products, including Kingston, LITE-ON has won the international companies to import the PS5008-E8 SSD product design PCIe control chip, and the high order of the newly published E12 PCIe control chip, ThunderboltTM 3 speed portable collocation SSD variety of the latest technology and products, the current and long-term partners together with the development of SSD related products, and will launch more PC/NB OEM control chip power plant, laptop and other different gaming market, in order to accelerate the upgrading of NB permeability SSD.
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