Build KingFast community, leading enterprises of solid state hard drive to guide the integration of resources

Issue Time:2017-12-22
December 11, 2017 - December 13th, vefa group's KingFast  brand in Jiangsu Zhenjiang Mingdu Hotel held a grand gold speed KingFast 2017 annual global conference. From all over the country, dealers, foreign customers, industry senior people, media personages and so on, share the summit.

Mr. Bao Bin, chairman of the source micro group, was present at the meeting and made a speech. In his speech, Mr. Bao Bin pointed out that building a rapid community of gold needs a full and three-dimensional integration of resources. This includes the integration of upstream and downstream resources, the integration of offline and online resources. Only upstream and downstream synchronization, offline and online integration, and comprehensive resource integration, can we truly achieve optimal allocation of resources, and ultimately achieve the purpose of building golden speed community.

We should fully integrate all links such as supply chain, suppliers, domestic customers, foreign customers, offline entities and online business providers to optimize the allocation of resources, and strive to maximize the interests of all sectors, and ultimately achieve win-win results. Create kingfast ssd community.

To build kingfast ssd community, it was first proposed by Mr. Bao Bin at the KingFast global dealer conference in 2016. At the KingFast gold speed global dealer conference in 2017, it is still the core content to build the golden speed community.

At the conference, Mr. Bao Bin pointed out that under the national policy, good development situation in the domestic semiconductor industry, it is the original, dealers combined wealth, a godsend rooted soil in semiconductor industry. While taking advantage of wealth, for the full integration of resources, optimize the allocation of resources is a pressing matter of the moment.

Relying on the national support policy, conforming to the development trend of the industry, in 2017, the source microgroup came to Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, to invest in Jiangsu Li Heng Microelectronics Co., Ltd. The company is mainly devoted to the design, development, testing, packaging, processing and sales of large-scale integrated circuits and electronic products. After the normal operation, Jiangsu Li Heng will be the other subsidiary and sub - brand of the source group to provide support for its products and serve as a strong backing. This is the integration of upstream resources.

Downstream resources, as early as 2016, KingFast  brand officially launched the spark program, fully implemented the flat marketing strategy of prefecture level city, shortened the intermediate links, and brought greater profit margins to spark agents. At present, the KingFast gold speed star fire agent has reached 162.

In addition to offline entity resource integration, in 2017, the source micro group also invested in APP, a computer after-sales service, to integrate online e-commerce resources, so as to achieve an all-round and three-dimensional integration of resources.

At present, the situation of the industry is good, the market is wide, and the integration of resources has been a top priority. Vefa group's KingFast gold speed when the momentum of wealth, to join the national dealer platform, leading the industry to conduct a comprehensive integration of resources. At the same time, we should combine the upstream and downstream, line and line simultaneously, take the interests of all sectors into consideration, optimize the allocation of resources, and strive to maximize profits, which is to create a golden speed community and achieve the ultimate goal, Mr. Bao Bin said.
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