IDC: the future of the enterprise flash market is still strong

Issue Time:2017-12-25
Recently, according to a report from IDC's latest enterprise SSD flash market, the future of SSD enterprise market is still strong. From 2016 to 2021, shipments, revenues and total shipments are expected to show significant growth. IDC expects global SSD shipments to grow at a composite annual rate of 15.1% in 5 years. SSD industry revenue is expected to reach $33 billion 600 million by 2021, with a composite annual growth rate of 14.8%.
The key factor for the improvement of the SSD market prospects is the promotion of product availability and the better pricing dynamics, as the industry is in transition to the 3D NAND flash. IDC believes that the current limit on the supply of NAND flash will begin to decrease in 2018 and further reduce the price of the entire SSD market. In turn, the decline in SSD pricing after 2017 will drive PC and other client devices to use SSD more widely. IDC expects a composite annual growth rate of 15.85 for client SSD shipments used in the PC and consumer electronics markets between 2016 and 2021. At the same time, the demand for SSD will remain strong in the forecast period, because customers turn to the flash optimized system to meet traditional storage requirements and to add additional solutions to servers.
"SSD will still be a more widely used, unique storage technology in the IT market," said Jeff Janukowicz, vice president of IDC solid state drive technology research. SSD plays an important role in the realization of digital transformation. IDC believes that this trend will continue to promote the popularity of SSD and the long-term growth of SSD market in the field of customers and enterprises.
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